HOW Organization Using AWS SQS Service

Hey guys hope you all are doing we are going to see what is AWS SQS service how organization using it, what are benefits of using aws sqs etc…

Let’s get started with the first thing what is AWS SQS service is 🤔 and where can one use it?

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully managed message queuing service basically this kind of service is used when we have two services running in sync but what if one service is down then the other get affected for more explanation see the below picture

In the above picture we have two systems A and B in which A is access by the frontend and after A process some information B consume it and user get to know but what if system B get down then user may experience downtime or some error because both applications are coupled with each other if one gets affected other will get affected too. To overcome this problem we have to use a decoupler application and one of such applications is provided by aws is AWS SQS service one of the oldest and fines service provided by aws.

As in the above image, you can see order API send the order and that order save in sqs pipeline and now from this any other function like lambda or something can poll message and process it (here process mean download, use, delete) so here we can see how our application gets decoupled means if one of the applications on which your other application is dependent is not affected coz sqs service keep a queue of order till they are processed further by your application. I hope you get to know about SQS if want to read more can read official documentation.

Amazon SQS | Message Queuing Service | AWS

Fully managed message queues for microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications Amazon Simple Queue…

We can use AWS SQS in many ways but one the way we can use it to trigger the lambda function as shown in the below image.

Now let us how many companies using AWS SQS and How they are using

According to stack share, 680 companies reportedly use Amazon SQS in their tech stacks, including Pinterest, Amazon, and Lyft. Isn’t it huge and even NASA using it.

Ever think how Nasa uses SQS service if not. Not a problem we will be going to discuss that basically NASA started providing images, videos, audio of spaces in early 2000 so to make the library more efficient the use AWS cloud as shown in the below image.

if want to read more about this you can read it from the AWS official documentation link provided below.

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